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Renewable energy
Renewable energy is named to the energy that it is obtained of natural sources virtually inexhaustible, some for the immense energy that contain, and other because it are capable of regenerate for natural media.
* 1 Classification
* 1.1 Polluting agents
* 1.2 Not polluting
* 2 The sources of energy
* 2.1 Not renewable
* 2.1.1Fossil energy
* 2.1.2 Nuclear energy
* 2.2 Renewable or green
* 3 Polemics
* 4 Environmental impact
* 5 Advantages and inconvenient of the renewable energy
* 5.1 Ecological energies
* 5.2 Diffuse nature
* 5.3 Irregularity
* 5.4 Renewable sources polluting agents
* 5.5 Geographical diversity
* 5.6 Administration of the electric nets* 5.7 The integration in the landscape
* 6 The sources of renewable energy at present
* 7 The ice can be the solution for the storage of renewable energy
* 8 Salt liquidates decides a high efficacy of thermal storage
* 9 Solar energy shoe shops
* 10 Bacterium converts to excess of clean energy in methane for storage
* 11 Can the sound generate energy for your house
* 12 Thetypes of renewable |energias| put into motion
* 12.1 ¿to that provide helps the |ecologicos| coaches?
* 12.2 In order that a |ecologico| coach considered as such has a 12.3 series of requirements
* 12.4 Types and advance in the |ecologicos| coaches
* 12.5 The coaches of |biocombustible| are compatible with the types of renewable |energias|
* 12.6 Motores electricoshibridos
* 13 Conclusions
* 14 References


The renewable sources of energy can be divided in two categories: not polluting or it clean out and polluting.
The polluting agents are obtained as of the organic matter or |biomasa| , and they can use directly as combustible ( wood or other vegetable solid matter ), well converted in |bioetanol| or |biogás| by meansof processes of organic fermentation or in |biodiésel| , by means of reactions of |transesterificación| and of the urban remainders.
The energies of renewable sources polluting agents have the same problem that the produced energy for combustible fossils: in the combustion they broadcast dioxide of carbon, gasoline of winter quarters effect, and often are still more polluting because inasmuch asthe combustion is not so clean, by broadcasting it covers with soot and other solid particles. It is framed in the renewable energies because while they can be cultivated the vegetables that the produce, won't exhaust. Also consider more clean than your equivalent fossils, because theoretically the dioxide of carbon broadcasted in the combustion have been previously absorbed when transforming inorganic matter by means of photosynthesis. Really it is not equivalent the quantity absorbed previously with the broadcasted in the combustion, because in the processes of sowing, collection, treatment and transformation, also consummate to him energy, with your corresponding emissions.
Moreover, great part of the emissions of CO2 is can trap to feed cultivations of |microalgas|/certain bacteriasand yeasts ( potential source of fertilizers and fodders, salt ( in the case of the |microalgas| of salt water or salted ) and |biodiésel|/|etanol| respectively, and intercede for the elimination of hydrocarbons and |dioxinas| in the case of the bacterias and yeasts (oil proteins) and the problem of the particles it resolves with the gasification and the complete combustion ( combustion to veryhigh temperatures, in a very rich atmosphere in O2 ) in combination with descontaminantes media of the emissions as the filters and |precipitadores| of particles ( as the Cottrel |precipitador| ), or as the surfaces of activated carbon.
Also it can obtain to him energy as of the solid remainders members of city police and of the muds of the depurating sugar mills and |potabilizadoras| of water....
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