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Chapter 1.
1. Why was the fertilizing room an important place?
It was an important place because it was the place were humans are mass-produced.
2. How did the Bokanovsky process cause social stability?
The fertilized eggs of high-level humans, those we know as Alphas and Betas, will each become a single human being, but the eggs of low-level humans, the kind we know as Gammas, Deltas,and the lowest of al, Epsilons, are treated with substances that stop their normal growth and cause them to divide into 96 identical humans each, this is called the ‘Bokanovsky process’.
3. What happened to the female embryos?
They let 30% of the female embryos develop normally.
4. According to the Director, what was the secret of happiness?
Te purpose of conditioning is to make peoplelike who they are and what society makes them do.
Chapter 2
1. What happened when the babies were offered books and flowers the last time?
The babies moved away in horror when they saw the roses and the brightly coloured pages.
2. Why were Delta babies conditioned to hate books and flowers?
Because not so very long ago, gammas, deltas and even epsilons, were conditioned to like flowersand nature so they spend money on transport and so help the economy, but they didn’t spend it on anything else, so that was a problem.
3. Why was Reuben’s experience important?
Because with that, they realized that children could listen to lessons and learn in their sleep.
Chapter 3
1. Why didn’t the State allow family life to exist?
Because they thought that you only have to belong toyou
2. Why was sleep teaching prohibited in the past?
Because they believed in liberty, individuality and freedom.

3. What was soma and why did people take it?
Soma was the perfect drug. Pleasant hallucinations without any side effects, you could took a holiday from reality whenever you like and when you came back you didn’t even had a headache.
Chapter 4
1. Why did Fannydisapprove of Lenina’s relationship with Henry?
Because it was wrong to had long and intense relationships with only one man.
2. Why did Lenina think the Savage Reservation would be an exciting place to visit?
Because it was where there’s no civilization and people still live like they did in the past.
3. Why was Fanny horrified to discover that Lenina was interested in Bernard?
Because he hada bad reputation.
Chapter 5
1. Why did Bernard hate Henry Foster and Benito Hoover?
He hated them because he heard them talking about Lenina as if she was a piece of meat.
2. Why did Lenina speak loudly in the lift?
So everyone could hear that she wasn’t going out with just one person.
3. What made Helmholtz an outsider like Bernard?
His superiors considered him very intelligent,perhaps a little too intelligent. His exceptional mental abilities made him an outsider.
Chapter 6
1. What were the bodies of people used for after they died and what were the advantages of this?
The bodies produce nearly 400 tons of phosphorus every year, it helps to make plants grow.
2. Why did the Director sign the permit for Bernard?

Because it came from the World Controller’sOffice and had already been signed by Mustapha Mond, everything was perfectly in order.

3. What happened to the girl in New Mexico?
She got lost, in the night, they went to sleep, and when he woke up, she wasn’t there. He looked for here everywhere but he couldn’t find her.
Chapter 7
1. What bad news did Bernard hear form Helmholtz?
Helmoholtz said to him that the director has announcedthat he wants to transfer him.
2. What disgusted Lenina when they got to Malpais?
That everything was very strange and there was rubbish everywhere with flies and dogs all around it.
3. Why weren’t there any old or sick people in the New World?
Because the don’t allow that, they keep them free of diseases, they keep their bodies young, they give them transfusions of young blood and,...
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