John and lenina brave new world

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Has it been possible to you to agree with the same ideas, thoughts and culture of someone from a different society than yours? In Brave New World, anovel written by Aldous Huxley, there are two different places that look like two different worlds. These two places have different ideologies of how to fit in the society where they live and this can bebest analyzed with John and Lenina Crowne, two charaters from different societies. Although they have problems understanding each other due to their thoughts and perceptions, they both share the samefeeling of love.

The Savage Reservation was the place where John lived with his mother for some time. This reservation was located in New Mexico and one of the characteristics of this place isthat people lived almost like animals. On the other side, the World State, where Lenina lived, was completely different that the reservation because there was no dust, technology was very important inthat society and besides all the people were conditioned to think and feel the way they did. That is why conditioning in World State was based on the happiness on the caste they belong and hate andfeel proud of net being of another caste. For example Lenina says: “‘What a hideous colour khaki is,’” (p.62) when she, under the hypnopaedic influence, prejudices another caste in this case Deltaswhich lets the reader notice how these people were conditioned to hate other castes. Another example is: “I’m glad I’m not an Epsilon” (p.74) which is also based on conditioning, conditioned to be happywith what she is, where she belongs, in the Beta caste. At the Savage Reservation, people lived differently, including their physical appearances were different than the ones who lived in the WorldState: “Old? She repeated. “But the Director is old; lots of people are old; they’re not like that” when Lenina and Bernard noticed that people get old by physical appearances too. This was an ideology...
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