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The causative is a common structure in English. It is used when one thing or person causes another thing or person to do something.

The passive causative structure in the passive form, there isusually no agent.
The action verb is in the past participle and the object comes before it: Subject Causative verb (have/get) + Object + Action verb (past participle) We had our door fixed. 
Weuse causative have when arranging for someone to do something for us. 
They repaired their car. (They did it themselves)
*They had their car repaired. (They arranged for someone to repair it)
Icut my hair yesterday. (I cut it myself)
*I had my hair cut yesterday. (I went to the hairdresser)

We also use causative have when someone does something to us. 
Bill had his money stolen by athief.
Important points
Get is possible instead of have, usually in informal spoken English. 
I'm going to get my car fixed tomorrow. 

Have/get something done
We can use get or have followed byan object + past participle when we want to say that
Somebody arranges for something to be done by someone else:
• We had/got the car delivered to the airport. (= it was delivered)
• While I was inSingapore I had/got my eyes tested. (= they were tested)
Notice that the word order is important. Compare:
• We had the car delivered to the airport. (Someone else delivered the car) and
• We haddelivered the car to the airport. (= past perfect; we delivered the car)

Change these sentences to the causative form (To have/ to get + object + past participle). 1. We´ll change the oil inour car soon. 2. I should clean the kitchen floor. 3. They checked the oxygen level in their fish tank. 4. Philly is going to clean his winter coat. 5. Did she repair her computer? |

Add apast participle. 1. I´m going to get this watch_________ 2. She had her suit________ 3. He always has his house______ 4. She should have the Windows______ 5. I had my computer _________...
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