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Hour 1




1. What is the opposite of none?
2. Does friendship have any meaning to you?
3. What is a synonym for classification?
4. When you go shopping, do you make out a list?
5. Do you select your career fast when taking up University?
6. What is your followingclass?
7. What do you consider a challenge?
8. Are you still wearing the same yesterday clothes?


Words with the same pronunciation but different in spelling and meaning or both.

|Spelling |Pronunciation |Meaning |Classification |Example |
|Same |Different |Different|Homonym |Record |
|Different |Same |Different |Homophone |See the list below |

This is a list of some English homophones:

Sea-see grade-great which-wish pull-pool
Neat-need chain-Jane fare-fair reach-rich
Right-write coast-cost will-wheel son-sunPitcher-picture boss-bus you’re-your law-low
Base-vase stare-stair close-clothes plant-planned
Hire-higher bow-bough hear-here our-hour
Meet-meat there-their-they’re beam-been to-two-too
Where-were-wear pear-pair road- wrote

Homophones Exercise

Read the story carefully and pick the correct spelling to fill in the blanks. Please look for the meaning and write some sentences in yournotebook

| "What a wonderful day" said Sam as he gazed from the window. (where, wear, were) shall we go?" replied his friend Jan.  "I |
|know, let’s go (to, two, too) the park.  We might see the rest of the gang and we can play hide and seek," said Sam |
|enthusiastically. "Hang on," cried Jan "I'm hungry. I'll grab a (pear, pair) from the fruit basket."|
| Minutes later they rushed through the park gate. "Look. They are over (there!, their!, they´re!) exclaimed Sam as he saw his |
|pals in the distance. "Come on, let’s give them a surprise," whispered Jan as she crept towards some nearby trees. They moved |
|carefully, hiding behind tree trunks. As they neared their friends they could hear (there, their, they´re) voices. Sam pointed|
|ata low branch and began to climb. |
| The gang, who  (where, wear, were) playing a game of corkers, were unaware of the activity behind them and did not see Sam |
|as he climbed higher on a strong looking (bow, bough) Sam tried desperately not to giggle as he looked down at his friends. |
| He hopedthey could not (hear, here) his stifled laughter. This was going to be fun thought Sam as he reached for his Yo-Yo. |
|Then suddenly Sam's branch began to move. |
| He crept further along the branch and it began to creak and bend. Jan was the first to see the crack start to appear in the |
|wood of the branchSam was lying on. She ran screaming, "Watch out." Her friends turned and looked up." They could |
|only (stare, stair) at the shocking sight of Sam falling through the air towards them. With a terrible thud, Sam and the |
|branch crashed onto the floor next to them. "Owwwww" yelled Sam as he sat up and brushed the dirt from his clothes. "That |
|hurt." "You were lucky, Ithink we had better go home and clean you up," said Jan. "Wait! (where, wear, were) is my Yo-Yo?" |
|They all looked up; hanging at the end of a long thin branch was the Yo-Yo swinging gently, its string tangled in the twigs. |
|"It can stay there" exclaimed Sam, "I'm not climbing trees again..." |

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