Juegos olimpicos modernos (ingles)

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Modern Olympics
The modern Olympic Games were revived in its sporty appearance in 1896 by Pierre de Coubertin and until today still practiced.
In 1829 the French government, and in 1875, the Germangovernment, was excavated to unearth Olympia. In 1881 the ruins were completely bare.
Although always spoken of the revival of the Olympic Games, the fact is attributed to France and Pierre deCoubertin is called the father of the modern Olympic Games, the truth is that the first attempt was made in Greece, thanks to the enthusiasm of a Greek called Gospels Zappas, long before it was thought inFrance. So in Greece made the first modern Olympic Games on 15 November 1859, November 15, 1870, May 18, 1875 and May 18, 1889.
The attempt failed due to lack of enthusiasm and support from othercountries. Another important factor was that the sponsor did not have many ideas of organization, unlike the Baron de Coubertin, who sought a school athletic leaders, college and amateur in the world,who received his help.
Lighting the Olympic flame at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City 2002Emocionado with the splendor of ancient Greece and the beauty of the Olympics,Zappas Gospels, who lived in Romania, first contributed to the project and after first failure, at his death bequeathed his entire fortune to the revival of the Olympic Games in Greece.
Although the gamesthat were part of this first attempt was unsuccessful - we must remember that the first was in 1859, thirty-seven years before the first modern Olympic Games officially - formed a bond between pastand future .
Baron Pierre de Coubertin wrote in the early twentieth century, "Olympia and the Olympics are symbols of an entire civilization, than countries, cities, military heroes and ancestralreligions." As a cadet at the Military Academy of St. Cyr, the noble Frenchman gave up his studies in political science and became interested in sociology and education. He traveled the world and was...
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