Julian dream doctor analisis

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Book Report- Julian, Dream Doctor
Title: Julian Dream Doctor
Author: Ann Cameron
Setting: In Julian’s House

a. Main- Julian
b. Supporting Characters – the dad, the mom, Huey andGloria
1. Describe what Dad is like.
A quick moving man. He likes to play jokes, and he is full of surprises. He is a very good athlete. When he runs, he is fast as fire. When he shoots abasket, he is quick as lighting. Afterward, when he rests, he is as quiet as a turtle at the bottom of the sea.

2. What is Dad teaching Julian? He is teaching Julian running, basketball and othersports.

3. What is the worst thing about Dad? The worst thing about Dad is how he gets impatient.

4. Describe what Mom is like? She always listens, when you have a problem she helps work itout. She is never in a hurry. She is like a cool green planet with forests and flowers and waterfalls. She never yells. She always talks softly.

5. Who is Gloria? Gloria is Julian’s best friend.

6.Why did the kids invent the brainwaves? They created the brainwaves to pick up the signals from the Dad’s brain. If they concentrated on the signal, they would know what he really wanted for hisbirthday.

7. What did the kids do while the Dad was sleeping? They were outside talking.

8. What did Dad ask while he was asleep? “Two snakes “he said. “Big ones”

9. What do snakes eat? Snakeseat species that are our enemies, such as mosquitoes and rats.

10. Who is Blue Fang? Blue Fang was the first snake that the kids saw at the park by the river. It was yellow, with bright red spotsoutlined in the black. It moved like a bullet.

11. How many snakes did they catch? They caught two snakes. Son of Blue Fang and Daughter of Blue Fang.

12. What was Dad’s reaction when he opened thebox? Dad said “Ugh! Snakes1 Horrible! He rushed out the living room and through the kitchen with his hands in the air. He disappeared out the kitchen door.

13. How did the story end? At the end...
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