Jurassic park

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Jurassic Park´s Summary

The story of this Jurassic Park book starts in South America with several unusual and dangerous interactions between peopleand an unknown animal. It begins with “Dinosaurs hunters”, where we can notice the argument of the story. A palentologyst and woman who has studiedbotany, so they are going to analyse plants in another place. This will be in Isla Nublar (Costa Rica), but to go there they will have to go with a lawyerwho recommends how to do all the stuffs. Then, we can notice that there is Chaos theory species and complex weather, scientifics cannot predict aboutweather´s changes.
As you read All of this happens in Costa Rica Island with Scientifics (paleontologist- Dr. Grant, for example) who along with amathematician and lawyer discover that Hammond´s genetic engineering company has created a zoo of real dinosaurs, cloned from DNA trapped in fossilizes treesap.
This island has been designed to be a park in the future whose principal attractive will be dinosaurs. By the way, at the same time, a man whoworks in the island (park) wants to sell a plenty of embryos to another people. Then this man provokes a big damage in the operations system to extract theembryos. Besides this, a terrible torment was coming.
While the scientifics has been walking around the dinosaur’s field, the torment starts anddinosaurs become everything so wrong. People have to runaway to save their life; they have to get into the control base to be rescued.

Micky Ricon
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