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Sebastian Francisco de Miranda, considered the forerunner of Latin American Independence and “the most educated Creole of his time”, was born on March 28, 1750 in Caracas, Venezuela. Was an activefighter on the most important events of his era: the United States Independence, the French Revolution and the Latin American Independence, acts for which he was awarded the title of “Revolution Hero”He also participated, with Thomas Paine, on the drafting of the most important legal document of the West: the declaration of human rights.
In Pensacola, Florida, in the context of Americanindependence, he conceived for the first time the great idea of a free country to Latin America, which called later Colombia or Colombeia. It is an extensive name of the document of Latin AmericanIndependence’s outstanding. The name comes from Colombia, because, after he named the Colombian continent, which is actually known as Latin American, Miranda created the Greek derivate Colombeia, that is to saypapers or documents related to Colombia.
The file had his origins in the detailed notes Miranda had taken during his travels around the world. It consists of 63 volumes divided into 3 sections:
*Travels: Miranda describes his journey through Europe, North Africa, Turkey and America, since his daily life until his relationships kept with great figures of the time, as Washington, Catalina laGrande, Napoleon Bonaparte, Bolívar, among others. On it, Miranda is a viewer of Europe on the eve of the revolution.
* French Revolution: it has his experiences on the revolutionary French, his lifeas revolution’s general and his campaigns in Netherlands, such as the persecutions and incarceration suffered under Robespierre terror’s reign, and his definitive expulsion of the country in 1801,done by Bonaparte.
* Negotiations: his negotiations with England, French and United States governments, where he looks for support from those countries to carry through Latin American Revolution,...
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