La amistad, en ingles

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The friendship
Is a relationship where you put your feelings, on others persons , There are friendships that last a
little and others that last for a lifetime, Sometimes friendshipsare for convenience and not for love ,
for convenience when they are no longer than a few years.-
One of the most precios asset of humanity is either renewable and infinite friendship,friendship is
not a thought or a piece that we can build, friendship is a feeling, a reflection of the soul, a desire
of the heart.
Friendship goes beyond a simple feeling and no t feeling anysentiment reflects the thinking of our
thoughts and our soul.
Friendship is to feel what the other person feels not only for yourself but for others,
Here the person discovers love confidence,empathy, reciprocity, etc.
Respect within the friendship is one of the pillars for this exists, without respect there can be no friendship,
it would be disrespectful to be talking about andtherefore not there friendship.-
Friendship as any human relationship is a relationship that can only be given in bases, common interests so
we can also say that friendship is about give and receive goodway .-
Friendship is one of the most beautiful human relationships, this can be formed in any stage of our lives,
age is not important when trying to make friends, not just, Age is not important,but this relationship is between
people of backgrounds and past very different. The same applies to gender, so we cultívate friendship
not only with our conspecifics, but also with the opposite sex.And why not, it means that one is in love of that
other person within the meaning of romantic love. Of course it is sometimes the case that a friend falls in love
with her friend. Or vice versa.But it is, that friendship can join love of two people of different sex, but neither
feels a physical attraction or romantic on the other, for this sometimes if you say that friendship is a "love" of...
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