La concha de tu madre

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William Franchella
· He is an actor and comedian argentino. Lived his early years in the neighborhood of Beccar . Went to school Instituto San Isidro twenty June primary. During his youth he workedin a real estate company and was a reporter for People magazine.
· Guillermo Francella debuted on television in 1984. In 1985 he shot his first film, the telo and the television. Participated inother television series of the eighties, as the unfaithful, interpreting playing the role of Philip for a year.
· In 1986, Francella had a busy year: filmed three movies, including Waiter night in Mardel Plata and schoolgirls, and also acted in television series such as The wolf and prohibited Games.
· His career as a television actor and film-continued for the next few years with movies likethe best drivers in the world,relaxation paradise and lifeguards,the mad beach . His first big break in television was the sitcom of meat are issued by Channel 13 in 1988.
· His first big break intelevision was the sitcom of meat are issued by Channel 13 in 1988. After this strip starred in another, called Consider it done, issued by Channel 13 and played a typical Argentine chanta.
· In 1989participated in one of his biggest hits: The Extermineitors. The following year, he filmed the second part of the film, The Extermineitors II. Also, in 1992 he played the character francachella inBrigade Cola.
· During the nineties, he recorded two parts in the movie The Extermineitors, forming a series that ended in the summer of 1992. Also conducted two highly successful series, which were TheBenvenuto and a brother is a brother.
· His next film, An Argentine in New York (1998), was filmed in Spain and the United States. He starred in the film with actress Natalia Oreiro, and became oneof the biggest hits of Argentine cinema.
· In 2000 Dad shot the film is an idol.
· Franchella recently returned to television in 2001, one of the most definitive roles was of his career in comedy...
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