La droga en london, en los jovenes- (en inglés)

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Project work: “Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people in England in 2011".

• Teacher: Mrs. María Cristina García Lanoza Malikowski
• Students: Aldana Iael Schatz and PaulaCardona.
• Year: 2012
• Curse: 1º 4.

Drug use

There has been a decline in drug use by 11 to 15 years old pupils since 2001. The decline in the prevalence of drug use parallels the fallin the proportions of pupils who have ever been offered drugs, from 42% in 2001 to 29% in 2011.
The prevalence of drug use increases with age; in 2011, the proportions of
pupils who had taken drugsin the last year increased from 3% of 11 years old to 23% of 15
years old. There was a little difference between the proportions of boys and girls who had taken
drugs in the last year. Pupils ofBlack ethnicity were more likely to have taken drugs than
White pupils. As in previous years, pupils were most likely to have taken cannabis or to have sniffed glue, gas or other volatile substances.In 2011, 58% of pupils who had taken drugs in the last year said that they would like to stop
now or in the future, but only 4% said they thought they needed help or treatment for their
drug use.Drug use in the last year is associated with regular smoking and recent drinking.

Pupils who had been excluded also had an increased likelihood of recent drug use compared with pupils who had not,and drug use was also higher among pupils who had truanted from school compared with those who had not.


A quarter (25%) of pupils had tried smoking at least once. This represents asustained
decline in the proportion of pupils who have tried smoking and is lower than at any time
since the survey began in 1982, when more than half of pupils had tried smoking.
The prevalence ofsmoking increased with age.
Once other factors are controlled for, girls were more likely than boys
to be regular smokers, and Black pupils were less likely than those from other ethnic groups
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