La globalizacion y el comercio internacional

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is defined as the exchange of goods and services between two or more countries


Globalization is a process of increasing internationalization of financialcapital, industrial and commercial, also new international political relations, is economic integration, social and cultural the globalization allows the expansion and intensive use of technologyunprecedented.

The relationship between international trade and globalization is that due to the increasing world interdependence, the international trade is a factor that helps to the economic growth ofall the countries. The international trade is not only the domain of big multinational companies, in effect, the small and medium companies are discovering that the world market offers enormousopportunities. In other words, SMES.

But it is good bear in mind that an important factor that are the different trade policies that have the countries which allow control of their trade thatglobalization does not have a strong impact on it country. For example the inundation of goods. In other words, countries should take to develop trade policy protection as a defense to go out and compete theinternational market and adapt to globalization.

In conclusion I will talk a little about where economic globalization, where this is increase the international trade. This process is called "tradeliberalization", which requires removing obstacles to trade among countries, established to protect certain sectors of its economy.

comercio internacional

se define como el intercambio de bienesy servicios entre dos o mas países

La globalización

La globalización es un proceso de creciente internacionalización del capital financiero, industrial y comercial, también nuevas relacionespolíticas internacionales, es la integración tanto economica como social y cultural la globalización permite la expansión y uso intensivo de la tecnología sin precedentes.

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