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Part-Time Jobs

When you are studying at in the University, it is very common that students have a part-time job, such as: a tipper in anysupermarket or as a seller in a shop. Also I had sawn guys working atfor fast food or restaurants or as . Another option is work as a cashiersat a grocery store.
A few month ago, I worked as a tipper at Lider supermarket, but people is not very generous with the tip,; sometimes theydon’t even say thanks, but it doesn´t matter, because the important thing is to have a job. And any job can be the best,; it depends of on whodoes it and their preferences.
Have Having a part-time job is a great experience,. You learn to carry out timetables and to have with a bosswho is keep watch on you all the time when you are new. And the behaviour at work are is different as from when you are with friends,; and thereare so many things you can learn. Moreover, of have your own money and spend it, this is the best side of working is that you have your ownmoney and can decide how to spend it.

This was too weak, America. Rewrite this text to include the corrections I made and study them carefully.I hope your next writing is better. Remember, always check your text to make sure it looks right, and read it to check wether it sounds right.Little by little you should be able to identify the problems by yourself and correct them before submitting your assignments.
Ms Ormeno.
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