La tarea mas dificil

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My neighborhood

Practicing on your own
I. Complete the sentences comparing the people in the pictures. Use the adjectives from the boxes.
|straight |
|curly |
|neat |
|sloppy |
|tall |

1. Anne’s hair isstraighter than Kathy’s.
2. Kathy’s hair is curlier than Anne’s.
3. Anne is sloppier than Kathy.
4. Kathy is taller than Anne.
5. Kathy is neater than Anne.

|thin |
|heavy |
|athletic |
|a good student|

1. Steven is thinner than Mike.
2. Mike is more athletic than Steven.
3. Mike is heavier than Steven.
4. Steven is a good student than Mike.

|Hardworking |
|talk-active |
|sociable |

1. Jose is more hard-working than Olivia.
2. Olivia is more talkative than Jose.
3. Olivia is more serious than Jose.
4. Jose is more serious than Olivia.

2. Write new sentences comparing the people in the pictures on the previous page. Use the adjectives in parentheses and as….as or not as….as.

1. Anne is not as tall as Kathy. (tall)
2. Mike isnot as thin as Steven. (thin)
3. Steven is not as athletic as Mike. (athletic)
4. Jose is as relaxed as Olivia. (relaxed)
5. Olivia is not as serious as Jose. (serious)
6. Jose is as friendly as Olivia. (friendly)

3. Write questions using the cues and as…as. Than answer the questions.

1. Subway train/bus/fast
Is a subway train as fast as a bus?
A subwaytrain is faster than a bus.

2. walking/running/healthy
Is walking as healthy as running?
Walking is as healthy as running.

3. Going to the movies/going to the symphony/enjoyable
Is going to the movies as enjoyable as going to the symphony?

4. Police work/military work/dangerous
Is police work as dangerous as military work?
Police work is not asdangerous as military work.

5. Tennis/soccer/exciting
Is tennis as exciting as soccer?
Tennis is not as exciting as soccer

6. Living in the city/living in the suburbs/comfortable
Is living in the city as comfortable as living in the suburbs?
Living in the city is not as comfortable as living in the suburbs/
4. Look at the picture of two waitresses. Readthe information in the boxes about their job experience.

|Milly |
|-45 years old |
|-25 years experience |
|-Absences from work: 10 times |
|-Tips per day:$100 |
|-Breaks per day: 2 |
|Kelly |
|-20 years old |
|-1 year experience ||-Absences from work: 20 times ‘ |
|-Tips per day:$60 |
|-Breaks per day: 4 |

5. Write sentences comparing Kelly and Milly. Use the comparative form, as…as, or not as…as and adjectives/phrases from the box.

1. Kelly is not as old as Milly.
2. Milly is not as young as Kelly.
3. Kelly is not as experienced as Milly.
4. Kelly is not as careful asMilly.
5. Kelly is as good as Milly.
6. Kelly is as friendly as Milly.
7. Kelly does not earn as much tips as Milly.
8. Milly does not take more breaks as often as Kelly.
9. Milly is not as absent more as Kelly is.

6. Look at the charts about two neighborhoods. Then write a paragraph answering the question. “Which neighborhood do you want to live in?” Try to use some...
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