La vida de las personas

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Formation and First's EP's (2004–2006)

Confide was originally started in August 2004 by Aaron Van Zutphen, Jason Pickard and Josh Plesh as a deathcore act. They went looking for members in theiryouth group. Josh knew Billy, Jason and Aaron knew Jeffrey, that's how they got their first real line-up. In this period of time, they released two EPs, "Innocence Surround" and "Introduction".

Inthe end of 2006, former vocalist Josh left the band, and was replaced by current frontman Ross Michael Kenyon, putting his other band Penknifelovelife on hiatus.[1] Ross moved to the United States tobe with his girlfriend and went looking on the internet for bands who needed a singer. After some chatting with Jeffrey, he moved to his house and they started practicing. This line-up change also madethe band shift into a purist metalcore sound. But in January 2007 Ross had to move back to Europe and started playing with penknifelovelife again, putting another band on hiatus: Confide. After onetour with And Their Eyes Were Bloodshot in Europe he stated on his bands MySpace he was leaving for Confide again. penknifelovelife split up and Confide started writing for Shout the Truth.
[edit]Signing to Tragic Hero and debut length album (2006-2009)

Their first full length, titled Shout the Truth, was released on June 17, 2008 on Science Records. Shortly after the album was released,Science Records was eliminated by its parent company Warner Bros. Records and Confide was left without a label. In early 2009, the band was signed to Tragic Hero Records, and began performing all acrossthe United States, on tours such as the "Don't Take Your Guns to Tour", alongside bands Once Nothing, Here I Come Falling, and In Fear and Faith.[2]

On July 25, 2009, the band announced on theirMySpace blog that they were going to re-release their album Shout the Truth. The re-release contained 3 bonus songs, one of which is a cover of the song "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service, and...
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