La vida

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Second Partial Essay

Ian Roberto Sherman Minakta

Prof. Guillermo Prieto

World History Class.

Theater thru modern History

By the end of the XIX century and beginnings of the XX, thebases of the contemporary society were settled; marking the end of absolutism and the instauration of democratic governments. The world, influenced by the industrial revolution and the consolidation ofcapitalism, will receive the response of capitalism and class struggle.

In the terrain of art, this establishes the initiation of an evolutionary dynamic of styles that occur chronologically, eachtime with more celerity. And so, modern art emerges as a contrast of the academic art, placing the artist at the forefront of the cultural evolution of mankind.

This essay has the intention todemonstrate how theater was born and unstructured in the “Fine Arts” in the same century. Changing the concept of art from the technique or profession of something ornamental, to the most beautiful way ofhuman creation, virtuosism and excellence.

During the times of the Imperialism, Queen Victoria represented the biggest icon of progress in culture and education. Under her reign, tens of theaterswith a whole for the orchestra and a vault were built, following the design of her antecessor Queen Elisabeth, but mixing both gothic and classic styles of architecture.

For disgrace, education wasjust for a few during imperialism; just the upper class could afford to go to school or to buy books. Theater existed just as an entertaining according to the principals of “golden age” theater in Lacomedia dell´arte from past centuries. During the days of Imperialism, a man called Igor Stanislavski, Russian of course, published a book about a new way to perform, he used to call it “emotivememory” and it was about feeling to the top of your strengths in order to make the audience feel as well.

After a while, the current of expressionism reached all artistic fields; expressionism used...
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