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The computer world today.
We live in a time of profound transition from an industrial court society and one marked by computer processing and telecommunications, the use of information affectsdirectly and indirectly in all areas of society, and we print your label indifference between rich and poor.
The information is inherent in the existence of individuals and societies. Let’s know reality,interact with the physical environment, to support decision making and evaluate the actions of individuals and groups. The use of information conducive to improving welfare standards and can increaseproductivity and competitiveness of nations.
The world today is undergoing a technological revolution based on new information technology, which finds its main thrust in access and capacity ofprocessing information on all issues and sectors of human activity. It has helped to transform cultures and societies are rapidly economically, socially and politically, with the ultimate goal to reach withtheir full potential.
Importance of English in the use of computer.
Learning English is vital to operate a computer at all since most of the software is in English and very few have translationinto Spanish.
Also several websites of large companies are made in the English language and therefore it has become a requirement to apply to a respectable job.

Importance of the computer ineducation and industry.
The computer becomes a powerful and versatile tool that transforms students from passive recipients of information to active participants in an enriching learning process that playsan important role turn the ease of linking different types of information, customizing education, allowing every student to progress according to their capacity.

However, the mere application ofcomputers in education does not ensure better training of students and future citizens, if among other requirements such processes are not guided and accompanied by the teacher.

The professor must...
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