Las Aborigenes

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Andrés Oppenheimer
I admire is Andres Oppenheimer. He was born in1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his studies at the law school of the University of Buenos Aires, and moved to America in 1976 to continue his studies at Macalseter College. His hobby iswriting.
In 1978, he obtained his master degree in journalism from Columbia University in New York. He is a correspondent for The Miami Herald in Mexico. He writes in the newspapers of Colombia andPanama. He was chosen as one of the best journalists.
His column “Oppenheimer” is published in over 60 newspapers in the USA and Latin América, including Argentina, Chile, Peru and Mexico. Now a days helives in USA and he is the editor of the Miami Herald. Oppenheimer is a political analyst in CNN and has a TV program called "Oppenheimer Presenta". The he have won are: the Pulitzer Prize and Ortegaand Gasset Prize.
In the first book, he shows a economic comparasion between His recently books is, “Basta de historias” is about his recent trip to India, China, Singapur, Filandia and a comparisonwith what is happening in México, Argentina, etc. Another book "Cuentos Chinos" is about Washington’s deception.

Now explain what Oppenheimer says of his books:
In his book "Basta deHistorias", a critique of the Latin American countries because they are considered as historical, to ask why they are at the bottom, why no American university within the top 100 in ranking, etc. However,it is time for a little less Latin look back, and a little further forward. And that presidents have fewer stories, and spend more to improve the quality of education, science and technology.

Inhis book "Cuentos Chinos”, Oppenheimer presents its vision for the twenty-first century world, lists the countries with greater potential to progress and those who are headed for failure in the new...
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