Las Cruadas

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It was primarily a goddess of fertility in mythology Chaldean. Sister Baal, Was often depicted naked with her breasts and vaginal area prominent, with a hairstyle similar to the goddess Hathor of Egypt, who sometimes has been linked. Anat or Anuta besides being a deity of fertility was a young and impetuous goddess of war. It was described in the Ras Samra as "mother of the gods"or "lover's heaven."
In Egyptian mythology, the daughter of Ra and wife of Set. She was honored mainly in the New Kingdom.



Apsu a deity is made of fresh water that is spoken in the Enuma Elish the gods were reproduced until grumpy Apsu and Tiamat, they decided to get rid of the new gods, but Ea Apsu managed to subdue and shed a sleep spell on him, then kill him. Ea calls hisabode in "the abyss of the deep waters," Apsu.



AululimThe first of the antediluvian kings, from the village Chaldean Eridu, Ruled for a total of 28800 years. It is usually identified as Adapa son Enki, Who have given of their own genetics.
In the Sumerian king list is placed at the head of these enigmatic monarchs who, had they existed, would reign between 453,600to 388,800 a.d.D (Before the Flood), see antediluvian king list. Time when men were beasts scattered and senseless.
In his reign, Aululim, issued an edict declaring priest Anu chosen to lead the people. When he died apparently became one of the seven sages or ApkalluOr, it was one of them.



Damgalnuna, The Mother Goddess in ancient Mesopotamia. First for Sumerians appears asthe consort of Enlil, Then for Akkadian, Becomes Damkina, Consort of Ea and mother Marduk. From time to time is also given as Ninhursag.



In mythology Sumerian and Babylonian, Enki (En = Lord, ki = earth), or " Ea "As he called the Acadians and Babylonians (in fact an appellation of origin is Sumerian, it is a name composed of the home and signs E = A = water), is the "Lord of theearth" although it is associated mainly with the aquatic world.



Ereshkigal is the goddess of underworld in Sumerian, Akkadian mythology.

The popular legend says that Nergal, also a sky god, was asked by the underworld. There she met and fell in love Ereshkigal. They lay together for 6 days at the end of which Nergal bed quietly escaped to return to heaven. Ereshkigal,desperate and angry at the loss, Anu threatened to send back all the inhabitants of his kingdom to overcome the dead to the living, unless Nergal returned and she became his lover for all eternity.
Enraged by the threat, Nergal fell back to the underworld, breaking the seven gates that closed, and encarose with Ereshkigal. According to one version, Nergal expelled from the throne by the hair andtried to decapitate. Before that, however, Ereshkigal confessed his love and offered to share the kingdom of the dead as his consort. Nergal accepted and has since ruled the underworld together.



In ancient Mesopotamia (Babylon and Acadia) Erra was a god of war, riots, revolts, incursions and best known for "The Epic of Erra" 1000 BC Closely identified with the god NergalItscenter of worship was ErasalmIn the city of Kuthen (lost). In the Babylonian period, was known as the plague god.

In the Mesopotamian mythology, Enlil is the god of the sky, wind and storms. He was adored by Sumerians, Akkadian, Babylonians, Canaanites and Assyrians.
His name is often associated with the term kur, referring to mountain and to abroad. Thus, his home was the é.kur(house-mountain) and the adjectives associated with the god were (big mountain) and (King of Storms). All these terms seem to indicate that Enlil was a god of weather. In Mesopotamia, the weather did not mark the boom in crops, because they depended on the flow of rivers, if not only his misfortune and miscarriage. This explains the irascible and formidable Enlil that only...
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