Las drogas

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You will have the opportunity to spend this period serenely and enjoy yourself. At work, you will spend a moment of complete relaxation. In Love, you can count on brilliant opportunities.TAURUS
This weekend you will feel lonesome and misunderstood, not only in your working environment, where you think that everybody is against you, but also in Love, where you would like your partnerto be on the same wavelength as you. Tip: maybe you should give in to his/ her whims a little.

During the weekend your business commitments will put you under stress, but you will be able toget back on top and face up to events at work. In Love, sometimes a little jealousy can make things better. Tip: ask your partner what can make him or her happy.

You are positivelyinfluenced by several planets, so you will spend a nice weekend, full of pleasant experiences, together with your loved ones. At work, avoid speculation as it could cause some financial damage.

LEODuring the weekend you will avoid contact with people, but you partner's desire is just the opposite, so a conflict is possible. At work, you are going through a lazy period. Tip: live your days in abetter way.

You should be very careful regarding your work, as you risk making a mistake. You will accept eagerly offers from friends and co-workers and the opportunities to have fun with themare really great.

You will have the opportunity to spend this period with your relatives and your loved ones and will be cuddled and treated as you like. At work, nothing will be able to stopyou and you will make some new and important acquaintances for your work and profession.

You will have a lot of business engagements and you will not have any time for amusements. In Love,your partner will understand your needs and will leave you alone. Tip: don't be selfish and try to understand your partner's needs also.

During the weekend you will make some money...
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