Last friday

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Last Friday Night
(Katty Perry)
There's a stranger in my bed There's a pounding my head
Glitter all over the room Pink flamingos in the poolI smell like a minibar DJ's passed out in the yard
Barbie's on the barbeque There's a hacky or a bruise
Pictures of last night Emended up onlineI'm screwed Oh well It's a black top blur
But I'm pretty sure it ruled

Last Friday night
Yeah we danced on tabletopsAnd we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot

Last Friday night
Yeah we maxed our credit cardsAnd got kicked out of the bar
So we hit the boulevard

Last Friday night
We went streaking in the park
Skinnydipping in the dark
Then had a menage a trois
Last Friday night
Yeah I think we broke the law
Always say we're gonna stop-opWhoa-oh-oah

This Friday night
Do it all again
This Friday night
Do it all againTrying to connect the dots Don't know what to tell my boss
Think the city towed my car Chandelier is on the floor
With my favorite party dress Warrants outfor my arrest
Think I need a ginger all That was such an epic fail

Pictures of last night Ended up online
I'm screwed Oh well It'sa blacked out blur But I'm pretty sure it ruled

Last Friday night
Yeah we danced on table tops And we took too many shots...
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