Lazarillo De Tormes

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Silence Frugality Humility

Justice Industry Sincerity

Order Resolution

A slip of the foot you Ben Franklin saidto only
may soon recover, but say good things, and the
slip of the tongue you aphorism tells us to be
may not get over. careful what we saybecause it may hurt others
and yourself

Dost thou love life? Ben Franklin said to spend
Then do not squander your money on good thingstime; for that’s the for others, and the aphorism
stuff life is made of. tells us that life is too short
waste it.

A good example is theBen Franklin said to have
best sermon. confidence but be humble,
and the aphorism tells us
that doing good isbetter
than just saying it.
Write injuries in dust,
benefits in marble. Ben Franklin said to befair with others, and the
aphorism tells us that people
should forget about the badand remember the good.
Have you somewhat to
do, do it today. Ben Franklin said to spend
your time in valuable things,and the aphorism tells us
that if you have something
you can do today don’t
leave it untiltomorrow.

Love your neighbor Ben Franklin said to speak
yet don’t pull down truthfully rather than lie
your hedge. and, the aphorism...
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