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E: Oh, that's boring having to go to work in the morning, and is the summer in this heat I do not want to leave my house. Best I hasten to deliver these documents to my boss.
J: Hey keepthe balloons, you will appreciate them.
M: Well, but no longer are lots of balloons, we have filled with water to almost all the girls in the neighborhood.
J: Wait See that girl is verypretty, but I think we still have some water balloons, so they get wet!
M: Do not you realize that we approach the run and we lose our chance.
J: Sure, but hurry because I heard that for theCarnival put fines for playing with people who do not know.
M: Is that true? , But it still does not matter, the police do nothing when they are simple games that do not harm anyone.
J:Good point.
(E llega al paradero esperando su carro)
E: Ah, this car is late in coming, and with this heat I do not think that support for it to arrive.
J-M: Carnival!
(Los dos chicosllegan y mojan a la chica)
E: (gritando) But what? My Documents, you damned fool. And now I can do, my boss will dismiss (viendo sus documentos mojados)
(enojada trata de detener a los doschicos pero uno llega a escapar)
E: Because I can not deliver these important documents and now that I do?
J: Let me go at once, crazy.
Q: Is there a problem less?
E: If this man thatruined my day.
Q. Well, sir, by excessive gambling are 300 soles very well. (entrega la multa)
J: What? , Why? but .....
Q: Do not complain about having to pay a minimum.
(Otro dia)
E: Now,if I get to the office.
J: Carnival! - Oh, sorry.
Q: What about here?
J: Not boss this time nothing happened.
Q: I do not once again make fun of Miss?
J: No , boss is wrong.
P: No, no,I'm tired of it, right now I taking with me. At the police station.
J: But I did nothing wrong
Q: We once
(J regresa corriendo y moja a la chica)
J: Now that takes me a good reason.
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