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my vacation

my vacation is not good or bad fuerno were regular
very funny but there were moments of sadness but also like to
joy, my first run was wing city of angels is sally was the best
ofmy life and I went to the premiere of the film after a long wait eclipce I went to see the best part was that I got to meet players and get to see the movie was a dream come true that I never thought Imet with him and also that I have to Reconco everyone was very kind to me by taking pictures and signing regalme one of them,
and still again in mexicali I spent a week with friends right herefestege outputs birthdays, weddings and xv, among other events.

after several weeks I went back to the city of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
with my sister and her boyfriend, to celebrate his birthday, but itwas a day
but I had fun at the maximum.

After days of arriving in Puerto Penasco problems arose
family were the worst days of my life, Maybe, but I was taught to look
simpre forward and not letmyself fall for anyone.

weeks and that gave wing to enter high school this very excited since the day he came to was my 17th birthday fast pass, but my third trip depronto llengües
wing city ofEscuinapa, Sinaloa, to visit my grandfather who was sick
weeks were the most beautiful of my life since my grandfather had burned, shaken hands before going back to mexicali told him he was my heroand that he wanted
cry for your state as it was.

I arrived in New wings mexicali hours I had to give back to me because my grandfather sinaloa
had died had lost one of the best things in my lifethat values and appreciates alguin and little hands all over my life, but I had to acknowledge that the party had

with this was my fourth trip since I went back to places that my mind had forgottensuch as Chametla sinaloa, rosario sinaloa, mazatlan sinaloa,
and concentrates such as new city also Empalme, Sonora, Guaymas including

now I am glad that back in my city and I have a new age 17...
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