Living in the concrete jungle.

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Living in a concrete jungle.
Peaceful place, the sound of the birds, going to go bed early; and waking up at five in the morning with the sound of a singing rooster. Hum, it sounds like the perfectvacations for me. That could be good enough for a countryside lover, but I am the kind of person who enjoys living in a concrete jungle. Noisy places, the sound of trucks, going to bed really late (ornot going), and waking up with the beautiful sound of my neighbors yelling. That’s what I really like, to be in the middle of a traffic jam, to be honest, at least I know that I am surrounded bypeople. Living in the city is exciting, and it has some advantages in comparison to the bucolic countryside. On the other hand, to live in the country is boring, and in a way it could be dangerous. Whatwould happen if I’m bitten by a snake and there were no hospitals near? Or even worse, what would happen if I am hungry at 12 a.m. and there is not a pizzeria. That’s why I prefer to live in the citymore than in the countryside, because there are more people, city is more accessible, and I can have nightlife here.
We always complain about the others, how they behave, what they do or not do. If weare doing a big line of the city hall, it means that everyone thought like us that day. I always try to see the good side of the situation; if we are surrounded by people it means that we are notalone. In the city, everywhere I go, I can see people: good faces, bad faces, ugly faces, and beautiful faces. In contrast, I feel lonely and sad when I am in the country, because people live tooseparated. Having more people around me, means that I can make lots of friends. I am a very friendly person, and in the city I have the opportunity to know different people. On the other hand, people in thecountry will always be the same. It is understood that knowing people drives to find a couple, and in a big city; a single person has the opportunity to know many people until he or she find the...
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