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Fiji Christmas is a major celebration of Fiji and it's also one of the important Fiji Holidays. Fijians are usually soft spoken individuals and culturally they are very sober and warm heartedpeoples. Due to the presence of large number of Christians, Hindus and Muslims the Fiji festivals are various and they are celebrated annually. Christmas in Fiji has its own flavor and has ethnic way ofcelebration and the birth of Jesus is complemented very well by the visit of Santa clause with gifts and chocolates.

Fiji Christmas Traditions starts with the prayer in the church accompanied bysigning of Carols. Fiji Christmas day is usually in the preparation of special food called as "lovo" and it is cooked in the earthen pit oven as it's the family gathering time and large meals areserved. As the Fijians are very hearty people and are also lover of food so the Christmas meal consists of cooked whole pigs, number of chickens, Special cow preparation along with various side dishesand curries and all are incredibly delicious.

Church is another religious place for gathering and traditional carols lifts up the festive spirit. You can simultaneously see the communal partieswhich are held in various villages along with beach side parties and picnics .Gift giving is the common feature by the Santa Clause to the children's and the whole of Fiji is decorated with colorfullights and the each homes looks gorgeous with colored candles, ribbons and the Christmas tree. Fiji Christmas is the perfect time for prayers and merry making along with a holiday bash

Fiyi Navidad esuna celebración importante de Fiyi, y es también uno de los importantes días festivos Fiyi. Los fijianos son generalmente suaves individuos y los pueblos se hablade corazón cultural sobrio ycálido. Debido a la presencia de gran número de cristianos, los hindúes y los musulmanes son distintos festivales de Fiyi y se celebran anualmente.Navidad en Fiyi tiene su propio sabor y tiene forma de...
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