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The Twilight Saga.

The beginnings of Twilight.

Stephanie Meyer is the person behind those amazing novels books: The Twilight Saga stories; she is a Brigham young university graduate where she earned a Bachelor´s degree in English. She dabbled a little into writing, but admits that she never got very far with any of her stories; anything she had written had ended up being only a fewchapters.

Once Meyer gave birth to her first child, writing went out the window completely for six years, until the day she woke up from a very lucid dream that she couldn´t shake and Twilight was born.

Stephanie was so moved by the dream that she didn´t want to forget it, so she sat down at her computer and started writing the story of the couple from her dream simply calling them “he” and “she”,pouring in as many of the details as she could remember. She quickly grew close to her characters and eventually they started becoming voices in her head, ideas flowing through her that even took a toll on her sleeping at night.

Stephanie started from the scene in her dream, wrote out the end of the story from there, then went back and wrote the beginning until everything flowed together.Meanwhile, Meyer started searching for names for the characters and settings of her story. She found the name "Cullen" off of 17th Century tombstones in England, named Edward after romantic characters from Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austen novels came up with names for the other characters, and then she struggled to find a perfect fit for her leading lady. She tried on various names but nothing seemed tofit this girl's personality, so she gave her the name that she had been saving for the daughter she never had, Isabella. For some of the other characters she found inspiration closer to home with each of her sibling's names, Emily, Heidi, Paul, Seth, and Jacob, finding their way into the writing.

Stephanie needed a location that was known for being frequently rainy and she found it in theOlympic Peninsula. She Goggled maps of the area and then focused on finding a rural, dense area when she stumbled across the tiny town of Forks, Washington. The images she saw from the Forks area only made her more giddy on how lucky of a finding she'd come across. In this same search, Meyer stumbled upon La Push and the Quileute tribe. Finding the tribe fascinating, she felt like she had to find away to intertwine a few fictitious characters from this tribe into her story as well.

Why it became so famous?

Twilight stories got so famous because it was just a new book that everybody got into. The whole impossible love between a vampire and a human just made loads of teenage girls love the book from day one. Stephanie Meyer kept the books very interesting as well and you just reallywanted Edward and Bella to be able to be together. Now the movie is only such a big hit because there is already such a huge Twilight fanbase all across the world. Without all of the fans waiting for the movie, it would never have become so popular. 

The jumping to the Big Screen.

So with that visual image in mind from Twilight, Stephanie Meyer started seeing pieces falling in place like apuzzle. Jacob's "legends", the real-life Quileute legends, would be true and he would unfortunately suffer the downfall of that trait. Meanwhile, Twilight was receiving rave reviews, debuting at #5 on the New York Times Bestseller List, being voted "Best Book of the Year" by Publishers Weekly, and being chosen as one of the top ten young adult books of the year by the American Literary Association. NewMoon made its launch on August 21, 2006 rocketing to #1 Bestseller and holding that position for 31 weeks straight. With Twilight's explosion into the scene, Hollywood had taken notice with Summit Entertainment picking the rights up to transform the books, while Meyer hunkered down for book three.

Was the same the book to the movie?

Most fans, including myself, thought it wasn´t the same...
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