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April 16th 2007

The Kuru Kuru Heart
By Paul D’Intino

Plans for the Heart Locket from the movie ‘The Illusionist’

Intro – About My Locket
Many people have been asking aboutthe construction of these lockets, so I'll try and explain it. I didn't have time to sit down and actually draw up some plans so I thought I’d better put something on paper before I forgot how I madeit! The following document consists of early diagrams and photos of the finished product (before I glued it into place). The video can be seen on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0nOp39btu4It took two weeks, but only because I had to hide it from my girlfriend, and work on it at strange hours! I used Jarrah because it is really strong (and I had some around the shed :D ) For thedesign, I crushed shells and mixed the white powder with woodglue to form a sort of 'shell-putty' then filled the engravings.

Intro – About My Locket continued
The first pivot hinge can be done anumber of ways... One way explained on one forum is to use a roto hinge (try google-ing the words "roto hinge" or try a place called WoodZone.com), however for this experiment I used a pop rivet. Thenail section of the pop rivet spins freely in the metal sleeve. This means the nail 'tip' is glued into one section of the heart and the 'sleeve' of the rivet is glued into the other heart section.Leaving the nail to spin freely in the fixed sleeve. As far as the lid itself, I used 2 halves of a nail to make 1 complete circular pivot when the top pieces are aligned. Then I glued the half nail (tippiece) to the lid, and made a groove in the base so that the half of the nail head could pivot in the groove. The whole thing is held tightly by the first pivot hinge and 6 magnets (4 on the thickersection and 2 on the lids) Very primitive but it works! :D
PLEASE NOTE: This document assumes you already know how to cut, shape, carve, sand, file, and glue wood/metal, and I take no responsibility...
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