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Lockitron: lock your door using a pone.
Lockitron, for the same cost as replacing your current lock with a comparable unit, is offering a smartphone device designed to replace your existing lock. Infact, this replacement will allow you to control locking and unlocking your doors from your smartphone. For those of us with kids or mates who often forget such things, it is sure to be a hit sincewe can do it from anywhere at any time. It could also save you a lot of hassle when it comes to allowing entry to repairmen or installation people when you cannot be present to let them in. This, initself, is a safety feature since you are controlling access without leaving someone a metal key that could be copied.
With this in mind, and the many times that my grandson has locked himself out, Iknew that I needed a Lockitron. Fortunately, Lockitron has made installing the remote-controlled lock fairly easy, going so far as to include a Phillips screwdriver in the kit so you can remove yourcurrent lock. The kit also includes a backplate that can be easily installed by merely tightening the screws back down. Once Lockitron is tightened down onto the deadbolt lock, you only need to installthe application on your smartphone and you are ready to go. If you have a standard phone, you can use text messaging to unlock access to your home
Sounds great so far, but what happens if you or afamily member lose their phone or it gets stolen? If one of these events occur, you just need to log into your account on the Internet and change your password. This will prevent unauthorized personsfrom accessing your phone or its information and allow you to still access your home. In actuality, this makes it safer than traditional locks in that you don’t have to wait to change or re-key a lock —either of which would be costly. Even if you don’t have your phone with you, you can still use your physical key to gain access to your residence. Another precaution that the makers of Lockitron...
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