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• The new class of indirect attitude measure: they do not require explicit evaluations of an attitude object. Rather, attitudes inferred fromthese measures are based on participants´ performance on experimental paradigms, such as sequential priming or response interference tasks.
• Some researches argued that the two measurementtechniques represent different approaches to assessing the same underlying attitude, differing only in the extent to which they allow participants to control their responses
• Yet other researchesclaimed that the different measurement techniques tap two distinct types of attitudes, which have been described as explicit and implicit attitudes.
• Implicit attitudes differ from explicitattitudes in that former reflect unconscious (rather than conscious) attitudes, and models stating that the implicit attitudes represent earlier acquired attitudes that have not been replaced by morerecently acquired, explicit attitudes.
• Definition of attitude: a psychological tendency that is expressed by evaluating a particular entity with some degree of favor or disfavor.
• Classicdefinition: attitudes as object-evaluation associations. This definition represents the core component of the MODE model.
• The MODE model argues that attitudes are represented in memory asobject-evaluation associations, which may vary in terms of their strength. If these associations are sufficiently strong, evaluations may be activated automatically upon the encounter of an object-relevantstimulus. Whether or not such automatically activated attitudes influence evaluative judgments of attitude object further depends on people’s motivations and opportunity to engage in elaborate processingof evaluative characteristics of the attitude object.
• E, C&F regard attitudes as relatively stable across the time and context.
• S claims that attitudes are generally constructed on...
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