Los dardos

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The first time that the darts mention in the books of history was in 1314. Between battle and battle the boring soldiers, far from their wives,girlfriends and lovers, among other things they were busy with competing between them throwing splinters or other sharp materials to the lids of the barrels of wine.Later they used the section of a trunk of tree hanging between a few branches, generally elms. The same concentric circles of the wood were serving to define thedifferent punctuations. For a long time it was considered to be a sport practiced by military men. This game was very valued since it was supporting the aim ofthe soldiers, training the launch of light weapon against the enemy. Before the First World War, the pubs of the close United Kingdom had done reveilles ofsolid blocks of wood, which they must be dipped during the night to treat holes done by the darts. The game was consisting of a reveille divided in 20 equalportions with a sequential enumeration from 1 to 20, and the aim was to succeed with a few darts in these numbers, when more higher the number, more punctuation andyou were winning. In 1896, Brian Gamlin thought it would be fun to switch the numbers, putting the low scores among the highest leading to the dart board that weknow today. The intent was to penalize bad aim. There are many games that can be played on a dart board, but generally refers even darts game which the playerthrows three darts per turn in order to reduce a fixed score, usually 501 or 301, to zero, and the last dart has to hit the target either a double segment.
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