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Reducing is the first thing we try to do because it's the best way to prevent (not cure). This means that we must prevent waste generated buying morewisely, and using the products correctly. How? For example:

Always buying products with less packaging, avoid buying things that contain hazardous substances and, if they are extremely necessary,make sure you have the right and no more than that, trying not to waste, by not buying disposable products that are the enemy No. 1 in the environment , taking care to use to avoid spilling pollutants orwaste.

Litter is a useful product that is in the wrong place (the basket). It is said that the materials we throw away should not necessarily go to the basket but can be recycled or reused.Therefore, if it is not possible to reduce, ie there trash around, what you can do is ensure that it becomes waste, reusing or recycling.
As you may know, there are materials that can be recycled, iereused as raw materials in various production processes. Such is the case of paper and paperboard, wood, glass, various metals, etc.

Want to learn more about glass recycling?
Do not miss this site ...Programs are also collecting aluminum cans which your school can participate. Propónselo your teacher!

The other materials are not collected systematically but there are poor people (the"bottle" or "pickers") living in this trash as valuable as they are dedicated to walking the streets looking for paper, cardboard, cans, glass, etc. then sold for recycling. How about if you help separatingwaste at home?

There is the possibility of "recycling" some wastes using the life cycle of matter. These are organic (food scraps, fruit skins, etc..), Which can be used for making compost. What isthis? A natural fertilizer that leverages our waste nutrients into food for detritus (decaying organisms) and indirectly to plants. This may be a good project to undertake in class.

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