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Using the Install Disk
The easiest way to regain your administrator password is to reset it from the Install Disk that came with your computer. Insert the Install Disk, and restart your computer, holding down the "C" key down on the keyboard until the Apple logo appears. Depending on your Mac OS X version the "Reset Password" tool will be under the "Installer" or "Utilities" menu.
[edit]{text:bookmark-start} {text:bookmark-end} Using Single User Mode
The acronym SUM will now be used for Single User Mode.
This method does not work if your computer has an Open Firmware password with SUM disabled.
Mac OS X 10.2 (or less) users do not have to use SUM to create a new admin user, as doing so does not require admin access within Mac OS X it's self.Running the "fsck -y" command is considered optional. (And pointlessly absurd on 10.3+ which would require fsck -yf to actually repair anything.)
Restart your computer while holding down the Command (aka CMD aka Apple aka Place of Interest) key and the "S" key at the same time. Your computer should boot to a black screen with white text. Wait until a prompt that says:
{text:bookmark-start} {text:bookmark-end} Reset Admin Account
At the prompt, type the following, exactly as shown and press enter after each command listed. (case-sensitive)
fsck -y
mount -uaw /
rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
This removes the file the computer checks for on boot (.AppleSetupDone) to see if your computer has been setup yet. If it doesn't exist,your computer will go through the usual steps of setup (the multiple languages saying "Welcome", etc).
Next, type:
And after hitting Enter, your computer will reboot. You can follow setup, and create a new admin user. After doing so, you can delete the old admin user if you purchased the computer used. (not recommended if it's not your computer)
{text:bookmark-start}{text:bookmark-end} Changing Admin Password
An alternate way is to change the Administrative password from SUM. Once you are booted into SUM, and are staring at the prompt, type in the following commands (in order), and hit enter after each one. Wait until the prompt re-appears before typing in the next command.
fsck -y
mount -uaw /
sh /etc/rc
Now, to change the Admin password do:passwd username
Where "username" is the administrative account's username. You will be prompted to enter, and then confirm, a new password. As you type the password and confirmation, no characters will appear on the screen -- not even asteriks. This is fine, ignore it and keep typing.
{text:bookmark-start} {text:bookmark-end} Making an Existing User Admin
Yet another alternateway is to make an existing account an administrator. After booting into SUM, at the prompt, type in the following commands (in order), and hit enter after each one. Wait until the prompt re-appears before typing in the next command.
fsck -y
mount -uaw /
If on Mac OS X 10.4 or greater you will have to enter this command, if not, you may skip it and continue:
sh /etc/rc
Be patient, thethis command may take a while.
Replace your_account_name with the shortname of your account.
nicl . -append /groups/admin users your_account_name
nicl . -append /groups/wheel users your_account_name
and press Enter (Return).
{text:bookmark-start} {text:bookmark-end} System Setup Re-Run Administrator
If you don't have enough time or simply want tocreate an easy, visible admin account, use the following steps. This has been known to work on all versions of Mac OS X.
The initial System Setup wizard that runs when your Macintosh has had a fresh install creates an Administrator account by default. Since that is all that this utility does, we can force the utility to run again and create a brand new account.
Enter single user mode (see...
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