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As a language teacher I must
acknowledge that I would have
gone unaware of this dictionary
if I had simply had a look at
the Macmillan catalogue; I
would have just noticed that it
was anothermonolingual
dictionary. In fact, the title
hardly informs you of how it
can be used in schools.
Moreover, the acronyms CLIL
or AICLE are not visible on
either the front or back cover
of thisMacmillan School
Dictionary (hence, MSD). It is
in the introduction by the chief
editor where the user can read
that the dictionary is written
for students learning through
the medium ofEnglish.
Subsequently, a detailed look at
the cover provides the image of
a sort of wave where
photographs of objects such as
a microscope, a calculator, the
globe, a leaf, a violin or a
butterflyare chained, which
gives you an insight of what
the real content of the
dictionary is.
MSD is pocket size, however
has a larger number of pages
than others of the same typethe
Pocket, for example- but with
the lack of a word count. It
has a similar design to other
dictionaries from the same
publisher, including full page
black-and-white pictures that
are incolour in other
Macmillan dictionaries.
Printing, colours and
typography make the user feel
comfortable when browsing
the text.
Even though the editor gives a
description of the corpus
researchthat has generated the
database for its production, it
seems appropriate to carry out
a field-test of the dictionary to
check whether the key words
that ESO students may come
across in internetCLIL
teaching materials are included
in this volume. For this
purpose four web sites have
been randomly chosen and
checked to provide the
following results.
In terms of content, by using
thesame criteria to analyze
other pocket dictionaries
(Roldán Tapia, 2001: 40) and
monolingual dictionaries
(Roldán Tapia, 2002: 69) that
have been employed elsewhere,
MSD includes the following...
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