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 User Manual
1. Getting Started
Learn how to install AspGrid and familiarize yourself with the structure of a sample database that will be used throughout the manual.
2. Your First Grid
Build your first simple grid interface to a database table.
3. Object Model Overview
Get acquainted with the AspGrid object model.
4. Formatting & Edit Controls
Learn how to format your grid and takeadvantage of edit controls such as drop-down list boxes, checkboxes and textareas.
5. Using XML to Set Parameters
AspGrid allows you to specify all parameters via an XML document. This chapter explains how.
6. Data Validation
Learn how to use client-side JavaScript to validate user input. Also, learn how to perform server-side validation.
7. Using AspGrid in Frames
Using the component in a frameenvironment has its issues. This chapter demonstrates how to deal with them.
8. Accessing Individual Elements in a Grid
You don't have to be limited by the default display functionality of AspGrid. Learn how to take grid rendering into your own hands.
9. Displaying All Records in Edit Mode Updated
AspGrid enables you to display all records in the edit mode at the same time. Learn how to do itand what implications this special mode has on client-side JavaScript validation. This chapter also explains how to take advantage of the Update-All-At-Once mode introduced by AspGrid 3.1.
10. Data-bound Forms
Learn how to take advantage of AspGrid's support for data-bound forms.
11. Searching
If your table contains hundreds or thousands of records, paging down is not the most efficient way tofind a record you need. Learn how to use the built-in search functionality of AspGrid to "jump" to a record that meets certain criteria.
12. Using COM+ Role-Based Security
Being a true COM+ component, AspGrid supports role-based access control provided by MTS/Component Services. Learn how to use COM+ Roles with AspGrid to enforce various security restrictions.
Appendix A. How-To QuestionsFind instant answers to the most common how-to questions.

Chapter 1. Getting Started
System Requirements
AspGrid 3.0 requires:
Windows 2003, Vista, 2008, or
Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server and IIS 5.0, or
Windows 2000 Professional and Personal Web Server, or
Windows NT 4.0 Server SP5+, IIS 4.0, and MDAC 2.5, or
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Personal Web Server, and MDAC 2.5,or
Windows95/98, Personal Web Server, and MDAC 2.5
Installing AspGrid
To install AspGrid, download and run the setup application aspgrid.exe . The aspgrid.exe setup will install both the AspGrid component (aspgrid.dll) and all the documentation into a directory on your hard drive that you specify during installation. Typically, it is c:\Program Files\Persits Software\AspGrid, but it can be any otherdirectory. The install routine will automatically register the component DLL on your machine. During installation, your IIS-related services will be shut down and restarted.
If you need to move the AspGrid component to another server, it is sufficient to copy the file aspgrid.dll (located under the \Bin subdirectory of the installation) to the other machine and register it there using the regsvr32command-line utility. You may copy the file aspgrid.dll to any folder on the second server's hard drive, e.g. c:\winnt\system32. To register the dll, run the MS DOS prompt and type the command
regsvr32 c:\winnt\system32\aspgrid.dll
You must specify another path if necessary. If this server is already running an older version of AspGrid, you must remove it from memory prior to registering a newerversion by shutting down all IIS services. To do that, type the following command at your DOS prompt:
net stop iisadmin /y
To bring the WWW service back up, type the command
net start w3svc
Other IIS services can be restarted from the Services control panel.
Installing aspgrid.dll under MTS/Component Services
AspGrid can be used in Microsoft Transaction Server (Windows NT 4.0) or Component...
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