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Thank you very much for choosing MixVibes 5.

MixVibes 5 is a powerful DJ and mixer software.
We'd like to think that MixVibes sets new standards in DJ software with a high level of user-friendliness and at the same time providing features expected by professional DJ's.

With MixVibes, mixing music on your computer has never been so easy, fun, and powerful: up to 16simultaneous virtual CD players, equalizer, sound effects, loops, skins and many more... MixVibes supports the most popular sound formats, including mp3, wav and wma.

MixVibes Pro 5 brings the best solution for mixing mp3's on your computer and for professional DJ's.

Why MixVibes 5:
• Performance and streaming technology : all files start in less than 10ms
• Real time BPM counting and batch BPMcounting
• Auto synchronization with 1 click
• Mix Edit Function
• Mixer with custom number of channels (2 to 16)
• Wave Display
• Up to 4 sound cards with switch "on the fly" and monitoring
• Skinned Interface (all windows are resizable and all controls can be moved)
• Easy to use on multiple display environments (all windows are independent)
• All functions included (cue, mastertempo, 3 bands eq, headphones monitor ... )
• 12 internal effects plus DirectX, Winamp and DSP plug-ins support
• Visualizations
• Media Base management with ID3 V2
• Sequencer
• Loops
• Midi controllable
• External controller
• ...

Getting on-line Help :
You can always get on-line help by accessing the MixVibes Forum.


Minimal Requirements
PENTIUM III 500Mhz or equivalent
• RAM :
128 Mb
• Sound card:
one DirectX compatible sound card.
• Video card:
one video card that supports 800*600 with 16 bits color depth.
• Operating system :
Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP

• For some skins, you will need a minimum resolution of 1024*768 with 32 bits color depth.
• We also recommend a good processor(800Mhz or better).
• MixVibes works the same on any operating system mentioned above, but Windows 2000 and XP are generally more reliable. Then for professionals, we advise the use of one of these two operating systems.
• You should have the latest version of DirectX installed.
• Download the distribution demo file from the MixVibes web site.
• Run the distribution demofile
• The installation will display the software licensing contract, read it, accept or refuse the terms
• Choose the directory where MixVibes will be installed
• Finish the installation
• Launch MixVibes by clicking the desktop shortcut, thru the Windows "Start" menu or by executing mixvibespro5.exe .
• Select the way MixVibes will manage your audio card(s) from “File / Options / System”.If you have done some changes in the audio settings, you have to restart MixVibes
If you cannot hear anything or have other problems with the audio see the FAQ.
To upgrade to the full version read the registration info.

To take advantage of the monitor function, you should have two sound cards installed on your computer.
To set your sound cards see File / Options/ DirectX menu.
There are 4 ways to connect audio cards with MixVibes:

1. Without a mixer / with two sound cards / directly to speaker or amplifier
You will be able to switch audio cards on the fly using the output selector or the monitor button for streaming a song through the headphones also.
2. With a mixer / and two audio cards
The mixer will enable monitoring of both audio cardsthrough the headphones.

Switch the mixer channel 1 to audio output 1 and channel 2 to audio output 2. Right click on the mixer channel and check the menu item Mixer control lock / Out port.

This setting locks the out port so, even if you load another media file into the mixer channel, the out port will not change.
3. With a mixer / and one Multi-channel audio card
The mixer will...
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