Martin luther king

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Luther King was son of the shepherd baptista Martin Luther King, Mr. and of AlbertaWilliams King, organist in a church. 6 Its father had like name upon being born Michael King, for which to the future prize Nobel of the Peace him he was put in principle that same name: Michael King,Jr. But in a trip to Europe that carried out the family in 1934, the father, during a visit to Germany, he decided to change the names using Martin in honor of the protestant leader Martín Lutero. 7he Had an older sister, Christine King Ferris, and young one more brother, Alfred Daniel Williams King. 8 Since small, the experience of a society lived segregacionista; 9 to the six years, two whitefriends announced it thatTo play with him. 10 In 1939, sung with the chorus of its church in Atlanta for the presentation of the movie what the wind was carried. King studied in the Booker T.Washington High School of Atlanta. Did not it study neither the ninth one neither the twelfth degree, and entered the Morehouse College, a university reserved the black youths, to the 15 years, without tohave graduated formally in secondary. 11 In 1948, graduated in sociology (Bachelor of Arts) in the Morehouse, 12 and registered in the Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, in Pensilvania, of wherea degree came out with of Bachelor of Divinity (a licenciatura in12 of June of 1951.13 King began in September of that same year its studies of doctorate in theology systematic in the University ofBoston, receiving the degree of Doctor in Philosophy June 5, 1955.
Statue of Luther King in the facade of the Museum Rocsen. It married June 18, 1953 with Coretta Scott, that took their name to bebecome Coretta Scott King, in the garden of the house of their parents in Heiberger, Alabama. 16 they Had four children: Yolanda King, in 1955, Martin Luther King III, in 1957, Dexter Scott King, in...
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