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• Choose the correct verb to complete the sentence.
1 .- Gary this note for us today because I'm sure it wasn't here this morning.

A. must have left
B. may have left

2.- You Berta at the movies because she's been in Paris since Tuesday.
A. might have seen
B. couldn't have seen

3 .- I didn't see who was at the door. It Charles, but maybe itwas Anna.
A. could have been
B. must have been

4 .- David in the car with his wife, but the woman looked more like his sister.
A. must have been
B. may have been5 .- Sarah the chocolate cake. She loves chocolate.
A. could have eaten
B. couldn't have eaten

6 .- That painting is beautiful! It a prize!
A. might have wonB. must have won

Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.
7 .- The reporter that he couldn't finish the article on time.
A. admitted
B. asked
C. told8 .- She the celebrity that she wouldn't publish the article.
A. asked
B. admitted
C. told

9 .- The governor that the cost for a new road would be very high.A. explained
B. told
C. asked

10 .- I him that we weren't going to agree to be interviewed.
A. told
B. explained
C. said

11 .- Harry me what Iwanted for my birthday.
A. said
B. asked
C. explained

12 .- William that he was going to write a column for the university newspaper.
A. asked
B. toldC. said

Choose the best word to complete the sentence.
13 .- My bike was in front of the door ten minutes ago, but now it's gone! I'm somebody stole it!
A. convincedB. doubtful
C. skeptical

14 .- I'm about UFOs and aliens. I don't think they are real.
A. convinced
B. cynical
C. definite

15 .- Oscar feels very about...
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