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a few hours ago it was only an idea
unthinkable without wind form


equipment mould release agents expertise and sofware are the categories for innovations in production.



special tool for the tufting of profiles at the jec composites show 2005 ACEs is presenting the latest results from a publicly funded project of preforming testingand resin - infusion technologies. the main exhibit is a special tool for the tufting of braided stiffening profiles on bi axial curved carbon . fibre textiles. the solutions for near net shape preforming and manufacturing of FRP - parts for high tech applications come from one source. they can be used in many sectors such as aerospace automotive marine leisure transportation civil building machineconstruction and process engineering ACEs ( Aachen composite engineers) is a competence network that brings together the expertise in composite technology of several departments of the RWTH Aachen university.


low maintenance vacuum pumps

becker a manufacturer of vacuum pumps and low pressure compressors is exhibiting U4 a new line of single stage oil lubricated rotary vanepumps. the products were developed to meet the industry is requirements in terms of higher performance strength lower noise levels space saving and easier maintenance at minimum operating costs. the pumps are used for adhesive bonding degassing lamination cure drying thermo forming powder transfer RTM and handling activities.

machining for soft materials

cambium which specializes insimultaneous 5 axis CNC machining is presenting a new system for creating large scale models with epoxy resin extrusion techniques over polystyrene substrate. extruding is done directly on the machining centre for a maximum size of 6000. 3800. 1300 using numerical control to lay up resin is highly precise and produces a very even thickness and therefore a more stable finished part using less is an ideal solution for creating large models and moulds for composites particularly in the marine and transport( road railway river air ) industries.

high precision digital laser sensors

laser system specialist LAp is introducing new high precision digital laser triangulation sensors the LAP ATLAS series. the sensors offer measurement ranges from 2mm to 100mm a resolution starting at.0033um and linearity at +- 2 um signal processing is completely digital and the sensors are delivered with software for analysing measurement signal parameters.

another advantage is that the sensors are not influenced by surface colour they can be used to measure a variety of dimensions (displacement distance thickness flatness straightness height width diameter longitudinal profile crossprofile alignment concentricity) but also for classification. they are typically intended for industries producing sheet board or bar products.

polyurethane spray up for large moulds

processor MFC ERAM division ERAM industrie TBS uses coating moulding spray up and casting techniques to process thermo set polyurethanes. the company is presenting a new technology on is stand at the jec compositesshow. the technology which consists of spraying polyurethane over moulds up to 6 metres long and 2.5 metres wide serves to create elastomeric PU skins ( shore A hardness from 50 to 95 ) and PU skin PU foam composites for seat cushions it allows combining different types of PU as required the technology is likely to be of interest to any manufacturer whose production includes seats ( medicalboating bodywork handling operations)

innovation our common thread

this year is new achievements are showing us once again just how boundless or nearly so the field of application for composite material is

technology package for load bearing structures

advanced composites group a manufacturer and supplier of prepregs is introducing a composite engineering and technology package for load...
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