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People you would want go whit
My friend Jacqueline. She is really beautiful. And she has a great sense of humor because she passes all the time telling jokes and all the people like. She is really funny. She is not selfish at all. But she is absolutely angry, this is her only defect.
My friend Ivan. He is really honest but it always brings problems. He is extremelyfriendly. He is totally reliable and good person because he is good person with her friends. He is quiet and he does not like the problems. But when he is angry he is really bad with all the people.
My friend Eliseo. He is very generous and respectful, always I can count on; him an easygoing and very funny. He always play’s football, it is his favorite sport; he's really angry, alwaysangry but a good friend.
My friend Luis. He is very serious and very introverted, very quiet but at the same time very explosive, when he is angry is not resentful, He is something shy and reserved, is respectful all and it is selfish when things are difficult
Activities to do in Mazatlan.

The activities that we can do the first day in Mazatlan are Go to play golf, to go on a journeyin a yacht party, go to scuba diving and go to surf.
We visit the lighthouse, the monument to the fisherman among other things; we can visit the beach stone, Cerritos.


Places to visit.

We go to surf in the Bruja beach because this beach is the most popular beach for this sport.
We can visit the old Town this is a section old Mazatlan with an intact colonial style downtown.SLICE 6
Food to eat.

We will go to the most of Mazatlan to eat in the stone island. Among the typical dishes of this place are: Fish sieved, Ceviche fish and Shrimp cocktails.


Mazatlan is a coastal city ofnearly a half-million residents -- a number that often swells during the peak tourist season. The city is the former capital of the state of Sinaloa and serves as Mexico's largest commercial port. Founded by German immigrants in the early 1500s, its music and the well-known Pacifico beer that's made here reflect German influences. There are long stretches of white sand beach and a coast lined withluxury hotels, but Mazatlan also has several attractions that are must-sees for visitors.

Acuario Mazatlan
Acuario Mazatlan ( is a public aquarium with 52 marine life exhibits that has been in operation since 1980. Visitors view many local species in a simulated natural habitat. The Acuario Mazatlan is built to reflect the ecosystemof the nearby Gulf of California. Visitors get as close to the sharks, rays, turtles and endless varieties of fish as the four-inch-thick glass will allow. The nearly half-million gallon seawater habitats are not the only attraction here -- the Museo Del Mar, or "Museum of the Sea," is inside the aquarium building. A frog pond exhibits the many species of frogs found in this area, a sea lion show,a bird exhibition, and a diving show where handlers dive with sharks.

Stone Island
South of Mazatlan is an island that isn't an island at all. Stone Island is a resort area that is actually located on a small peninsula. Still, the best way to reach Stone Island is by taking a short boat ride across the channel. One of Mexico's largest coconut groves lines the southern shoreline of StoneIsland, and beyond the coconut palms is a seemingly endless stretch of white sand beach that meets crystal clear turquoise water. The gentle rolling waves make this an excellent place for swimming; the beach is always a great site for people watching, soaking up the sun's rays or playing beach volleyball. Stone Island offers the best of the Mazatlan beaches without the Mazatlan crowds.

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