Medios de comunicación para manipular masas (english)

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It has been said several times that the Media occupies one more place in the political athmosphere. It means that they play a very important role in our society. For me it’s not clear yet if the Media influences the common people or the government the most. It can be either any of them, both or none of them. This last option I consider the less probably.
But we still have two other optionswhich I would like to analyze here. I wonder also if the Media should be that powerful it is in our society, or if there should be any mechanism to control it, in order to help our society to develop faster and better. There is some people who consider that the right of “free speech” is the most important right within a democracy.
Some others think that there are too many different opinionsfloating in the air, which will never let our society develop the way it requires in order to reach the level some other countries have. They also remember the positive aspects during the dictatorships in Latin-America that help some countries to be where they are right now. I do consider both opinions worthwhile.
While the Media is increasing its options to reach people, we still haven’t managed todecide how to deal with it. This is why I’ve decided to choose this topic which is very controversial, interesting and touch all of us whether we like it or not.


Within a liberal democracy, the Media is considered as a source of information, whether internal or externally . The members of a society are informed byreading, listening, or viewing the media .
This is basically the fastest, easiest and most comfortable way to get to know everything that is taking place all around the world without stepping out from home. And this is the basic meaning of the media, but there might be a lot more behind it. Specifically the influence due to the interests of powerful groups.
Acoording to the Elite theory “thebelief or attitude that those individuals who are considered members of the elite (a select group of people with outstanding personal abilities, intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes) are those whose views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously or carry the most weight or those who view their own views as so; whose views and/or actions are mostlikely to be constructive to society as a whole; or whose extraordinary skills, abilities or wisdom render them especially fit to govern. ” our government seems to applies it in our society, if we agree with the elite which is not necessarily related to money but to power, to political power.
Another author explains that the elite has the duty to take over the control of the society, becausethey are in a better position to make all important decisions in favor of the society.
Bobbio said that in every single society there’s always a minority who has the power in all its different forms, while on the other hand there’s always a majority who doesn’t . But the difference is between a good and a bad minority who helps or damages the rest of the society and takes advantage of itsposition in favor of themselves.
We can choose to be either in favor of the government or in opposition. There’s not middle positions. “The power for decision making rests over a few hands. The hands of the elite” .
The Media has become into the highest symbol of the right to “free speech”. This is so protected in a liberal democracy because it’s considered the best way to approach people to publicparticipation in policy making. This way common people can get informed about what’s the government doing, and in case they don’t agree, they have the choice to exert pressure over it in order to get things well done and changed. But according to the elite theory it seems to be a bit different.
In Ecuador, this is a topic that is getting out of control since our new president Rafael Correa...
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