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DATE: December 9, 2008

TO: Alan J. Gonzalez Cancel, Major of Utuado

FROM: Students of INCO


This isa the research you requested various days ago about wether or not, Wal-Mart should open in Utuado. The research includes how the superstore operates regularly and how itaffect their surroundings.

We know that Wal-Mart has been a very sucesfull corporation. It’s one of the biggest in the world. We discovered that they do all this bytaking small stores out of business. One of the recommendations for this is taking a stand against them and letting the people know what they are really about.

We had avery good team creating this and without one of us, this wouldn’t work. Also Richardy Vazquez form Orosco Hardware was very helpful to our research.

Please write us,Mrs. Teitlebaum, if you need any more information or answers about our work. It wouldn’t be any problem to us, to give you information. In fact, it would please usbecause it shows our work is being passed to others. Our voices will be heard.


Purpose of the Report

The purpose of this report is report is todetermine if Wal-Mart should open a store in Utuado, a big town with small population in the mid-west of the island. Wal-mart has been opening stores in populated areas, suchas Bayamon and Carolina, but why open one in Utuado? Not only that, but also with the economic problem that the US is passing through.

A survey was conducted in theTown of Utuado to learn their thoughts of opening a Wal-Mart in their town, how much they will go there, and to predict if the store will be able to stay in Utuado.
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