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Temperament is defined as stable, enduring behavioral styles or tendencies to respond to people and events in specific ways. There are eight qualities that are defined as temperament characteristics. The first one is activity level. This refers to the extent to which a motor component exists in a child’s functioning. The next characteristic is quality of mood. This is explained as the amount ofpleasant, joyful behavior versus unpleasant and unfriendly behavior. To continue, the third quality is intensity of reaction. This quality is defined as the energy of response, whether it is positive or negative. The fourth characteristic is rhythmicity. This accounts for the regularity of repetitive functions such as sleep-wake, eating, and elimination. In addition, the fifth quality is approachor withdrawal; this is determined by the initial response to any new stimulus pattern. The last three characteristics are adaptability, threshold of responsiveness and attention span or persistence. Adaptability is the ease or difficulty of modifying one’s initial response (withdrawal) in socially desirable direction. Threshold of responsiveness is the level of stimulus that will evoke a response.Finally, attention span/ persistence is the length of time a particular activity is pursued; also how long someone keeps trying, despite obstacles.
When it comes to evaluating myself on these temperament qualities, I have to consider my past as well as my present. To begin with, the scale I’m using to distinguish the levels I believe I can be placed for each temperament quality is from one tofive. One being the low end or negative, and end being the high or positive end depending on the quality. The first ranking is for my activity level. In this quality I belong to the three to four and a half range. This is because I started walking when I was just nine months, and now I am the type of person that would rather go out dancing or exercise than watch a movie. My activity level has beenvery consistent since I was a baby, and I have always been an active person.
The next ranking is for my quality of mood. In this characteristic I place myself on the four to five range. This is because I have always been a talkative person and very joyful. For example, I am not afraid to make conversation with other people, and I also tend to talk too much sometimes. Ninety percent of my day Iam either laughing or talking. When I was younger, I was also very friendly to my neighbors and visitors that came over. My quality of mood is basically very positive.
In terms of intensity of reaction, I consider to be part of group of people in the four to five ranges. I know that I belong to the four to five range this is because I tend to have a high-energy response to almost everything.I am always very excited about anything. Whether it is about shopping, someone’s birthday, or maybe that it is a nice day outside. I am always the one to be giddy about the situation I am in. Overall, my intensity of reaction would be very high compared to others.
When it comes to rythmicity, I would qualify for the one to two range. In this case I am at the very low end of the spectrum becauseof my tendency to be very disorganized. I tend to be the one to have the messiest room when compared to my sister, or even have the messiest notebooks and backpack. When it comes to when I was younger, my eating habits were basically all over the place. My mom told that I was one of those kids that would much rather plays than sit still to eat.
To continue, my range for the approach/withdrawalquality would have to fall between three and four. This I because I can be very open to other people, but there are certain things that I would rather stay way from. For example, I am a very picky eater, so new food is not usually my cup of tea. On the other hand, when it comes to meeting new people or making friends, I am one of the people to come up to others and start a random conversation....
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