Menu Planing

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Menu planing.

At the party we have very varied and economic packages to make your night unforgettable and always be recognized as the kings of the holidays.

1St package

Mexican Night. (Thispackage is perfect for meetings of national holidays, a birthday, even when playing the mexican, bringing various dishes typical of our country, together with a wonderful atmosphere that willtransport you in ancient Mexico, of course enjoying good tequila courtesy)
- Food.
- basket Tacos (with dishes such as pork in green sauce, suckling pig, barbecue sticks and wire)
- Pozole.
- Mondongo.-Aguas frescas.
-Dessert (churros rellenos).
- 1Hour of mariachis music. (The mariachi band is usually made ​​by a number of 12 members but there is no limit to the maximum. Theessential instruments are the vihuela, guitar, bass guitar, violins and trumpets, but sometimes are added flute and harp, and abroad including the accordion)
-Entertainment and decoration (this consist indecorate with confetti sliding, or otherwise make crepe paper streamers with the national colors, and make paper avanicos China with the three national colors for the walls and on tables or jars withflags and balloons patriotic colored tablecloths, earthenware bowls)

2nd package

Hawaian Night
* Chicken BBQ.
* - Pork with pineapple
* Skewers bittersweet.
* pinacoladas (with or without alcohol)
* Dessert

-Show hawaiano (Best known as Hula is a dance form accompanied by chant or song. It was developed in the Hawaiian Islands by thePolynesians who settled there first. The chant or song is called mele.)
DecoraTion. (is for the weather permits, the Hawaiian-themed parties have planned outdoors. Here we look torches garden torchesor common, perhaps accompanied by lamps and lanterns fueled by candles at night, totem, palm skirts and coconut bra.
For your guests, you can make necklaces of flowers)

3rd Package

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