Metal machining and orthogonal cutting model

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Machining Processes

Chapter I Theory of Metal Machining
◦ Overview of machining Technology ◦ Theory of chip formation in metal machining
 The orthogonal cutting model  Actual chipformation

◦ Force relationships and the Merchant Equation
 Forces in metal cutting  The Merchant Equation

◦ Power and Energy relationships in machining ◦ Cutting Temperature
 Analyticalmethods to compute cutting temperatures  Measurement of cutting temperature

Before beginning
Conventional Machining

Turning and related operations Drilling and related operations Milling Othermachining processes

Material Removal Processes

Abrasive Processes

Grinding Other abrasive processes

Electro- discharge machining Nontraditional machining and thermal cutting processesElectrochemical machining Thermal energy processes Chemical machining



Some basic definitions…

Material removal processes
A family of shaping operations in which excess materialis removed from a starting workpart so that what remains is the desired final geometry.

Conventional machining processes
Processes in which a sharp cutting tool is used to mechanically cutthe material to achieve the desired geometry.

Abrasive processes
Processes in which material is mechanically removed by the action of hard, abrasive particles

Nontraditional processesProcesses that used various energy forms other than sharp cutting tool or abrasive particles to remove material


A manufacturing process in which a sharp cutting tool is used to cutaway material to leave the desire part shape.

The predominant cutting action in machining involves shear deformation of the work material to form a chip; as the chip is removed, a new surface isexposed.

Advantages and Disadvanges
Why is it so important?
•Variety of work materials •Variety of part shapes and geometric features •Dimensional accuracy •Good surface finishes

•Wasteful of...
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