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Juan’s biography

1Juan’s history
2biblical text

This apostle had the immense happiness of being the disciple most loved by Jesus. And it has been it was born in Galilee. He was a son of Zebedeo and brother of Santiago the Major one. His trade was that of fisherman. It seems that he was one of the first two disciples of Jesus, together with Andrew. The two were also disciplesof Juan Bautista and one day on having listened that the Baptizer was indicating Jesus and was saying: “This one is the God's lamb, which removes the sin of the world ", they went away behind Him. Jesus turned and said to them: "what do they search? “ They answered him: " Gentleman: where do you live?" And Jesus said to them: "They avenge and they will see ". And they went away with him and were inhis company the whole evening receiving his educations. During all his life, Juan will never be able to forget the day, the hour and the site in which he met for the first time Jesus Christ. It was the most decisive moment of his existence comes very famous for having composed the fourth gospel.
Juan was later one day with his brother Santiago and with his friends Simon and Andrew mending thenetworks to the shore of the lake when Jesus happened and said to them they avenge with me and I will do them fishermen of souls immediately leaving his father and his small company it went away with Christ to devoting itself to extend forever and completely the God's Kingdom.
Juan Evangelist did part, together with Pedro and Santiago, of the small group of preferred that Jesus was takingeverywhere and that attended his more big miracles. The three were present in the Transfiguration, and attended the resurrection of the daughter of Jairo. The three attended the agony of Christ in the Garden of the Olive trees. Together with Pedro, he was this apostle entrusted by Jesus to prepare the Last Dinner for him. [pic]

What was from the beginning what we have heard what wehave seen with our eyes at what we have looked well and our hands have touched of the word of life
2 Because the life is demonstrated and also we saw and attested it and we showed that eternal life which was with the father and it us has appeared
3 What we have seen and ear this we announce in order that also you should have communion with us and that our communion is with the father and with ifson Jesucristo
4 And these things we write in order that our pleasure is fulfilled
5 And this one is the promise that we hear of and announce that God is a light and in there are no glooms
6 If we speak that we have company with and walk in glooms we lie and do not do truth
7 if we cover in light as this one in light we have communion with strictly between ourselves and the blood of Jesus Christif son cleans us of any sin
8 If we say that we do not have sin we deceive ourselves to us themselves
9 If we confess our sins it is faithful and just in order that he excuses our sins to us and cleans us of any evilness
10 If we say that we have not sinned we do it to the liar and his not this word in us
1 de Juan 2
1 Children me these things I write in order that we do not sin and ifsomeone had sinned pleaded we have in front of the father to Jesus the just crucifix
2 And it is the reconciliation for our sins and not only for ours but also for those of the entire world
3 And in this we know that we have known it if we guard his orders
4 The one that says I have known it and he does not guard his orders the such one is lying and there is no truth in
5 Me the one that guards hisword the charity God's really perfect this in for this we know that we are in
6 The one that says that this in the debit to walk as the poor person
7 Brothers I do not write new order but the ancient order that you had from the beginning the ancient order is the word to that you find listened from the beginning
8 Again I write a new order that is true in and in us because the glooms are...
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