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Hello, my name is Mike and I had a trip to Bay Islands last week, it is a fantastic place in the caribbean sea of Honduras, with gorgeous crystalline beaches . I stayed in the Henry Morgan Hotel inRoatán, Roatán is the biggest of the Bay Islands. To get there you got to take a ferry from La Ceiba for a half of an hour. At the hotel there was a show of dophins and you can do canopy, hiking,bicycle riding, horse riding, snorkeling, I had so much fun, I also spent a lot of time resting on the beach and swimming, I got a nice tan, thank God that the weather was perfect and it did not rain. Ihad the privilege to swim near the second world largest coral reef which is a stunning nature wonder, I will never forget it. The next day I went shopping at the new Megaplaza Mall, and also visitedmany places of the island such as French Harbor, West End, Sandy Bay, Half Moon Bay and Punta Gorda, where I had a nice garifuna experience, watched the dancers of Yubu, I learned about the history,language and ancestral traditions of the garifuna, I saw how cassava bread, an important element of their diet is prepared and baked in an authentic mud stove and had the opportunity to taste the bread.Then I visited the rusty shipwreck at Dixon´s Harbor and had a tour around the mangroves. At night, I went out to party in West End, I visited some nice clubs in front of the beach, I danced and made alot of friends. Next day I slept all day on the beach and got ready to leave next morning. Those where the best 3 days of my life, I had so much fun. I hope I can go next year, maybe with somefriends.

Hola, mi nombre es Mike y tuve un viaje a las Islas de la Bahia la semana pasada, es un fantastico lugar en el mar caribe de Honduras con hermosisimas playas. Me quede en el hotel Henry Morganen Roatán, Roatán es la mas grande de las Islas de la Bahía. Para llegar, se debe tomar un ferry desde La Ceiba que dura media hora. En el hotel tenían un show de delfines y puedes hacer canopy,...
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