Mitch albom

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Mitch Albom was born on the 23rd of May in 1958. He is American and he grew up near Philadelphia, with his brothers and sisters. During his adolescence he got reallyinterested in music so he taught himself how to play the piano and this took him to play in many famous bands as well as to produce and record his own songs. However, he went on with his studies in highschool and he graduated in Massachussets with a degree in sociology.
In spite of working as a sociologist he carried on with his music career because he had always aimed to make a living performingmusic. But he left his dream aside after he volunteered to work for a local newspaper: he found Journalism attractive. This new interest brought him back to college to take a Master’s degree from ColumbiaUniversity School of Journalism. After that, he also graduated with another Master’s Degree in a Business School. While he was studying he got by working as a musician.
Eventually he turnedfull-time to his writing, working as a sports journalist, which made him well-known in his city’s media. He’s still working on radio show about music.
In 1995 he got married as he re-encountered MorrieSchwartz, a former college professor who was dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease, a form of motor neuron disease, progressive and fatal. Mitch would go over to his flat every Tuesday so their relationshipbecame closer than when the old man was his teacher. To help him pay his medical bills he published Tuesdays with Morrie, which is his best book. It is a moving diary about the illness’ evolution andMorrie’s feelings as it goes forward. It is realistic and contains deep descriptions of how life, dignity, love and happiness appear to somebody who watches himself running out of time.
He has alsopublished three other books which have been successful but not as much as Morrie’s memoir. The Five People You Meet In Heaven, which is his first book, For One More Day and Have A Little Faith. Except...
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