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* This rare and evil creature is a virus.

* It is very tricky and 30nm small, it can be anywhere by now even under your bare foot so be very careful.

*Everyone should worry about this evil creature during the summer climate, that’s when it starts infecting people.

* This felon mostly hides in sewage water but, be careful when yourchanging your baby’s diaper it likes to hide there too!

* They might be many look-a-alike but the felon we are looking for has a red birthmark on his forehead in shape of astrawberry.

* This felon killed more than 1,000 people each year!!

Polio (Poliomyelitis)

* Why are we looking for this felon? It is spreading a disease called Polio orPoliomyelitis!

* If this felon gets into you it can be easily spread to another person.

* Some ways that can be spread are by: Eating food, drinking liquids, touchingsurfaces or objects contaminated with polio. As you can see this disease is highly contagious.

* To be safe: It takes minimum 6-20, maximum 3-35 days to start noticing any symptoms ofthis disease caused by this evil felon.

* Some of the symptoms of this horrible disease are: Fever, sore throat, pain, vomiting, and flu like symptoms. If you get some of thesesymptoms report the doctor AND police please to get information about this felon.
* The scariest part of this disease is that the illness of polio lasts for week or even days, but thedamage can be permanent, others make their improvements within two year.

* Don not have fear over this felon, we don’t exactly know how to kill this felon but you can always shoot atthem with medicine shots.

* We warn all the kids through the ages of six weeks through eighteen years to get their scheduled shots. Adults should ask the doctor for this disease.
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